Oxygen Unit Testing

Oxygen Unit Testing

Life threatening emergencies are usually accompanied by low oxygen levels (insufficient oxygen supplying the brain or heart). Within a few minutes irreversible brain damage or even death can occur. Low oxygen levels lead to heart attack. Perhaps the most important emergency rescue device available in today's workplace is emergency oxygen. Northwind's emergency oxygen unit is designed to be ready to use when an emergency strikes.

Northwind Oxygen Includes:

Cylinder Capacity: Approximately 19 Cubic ft. of USP Oxygen (480 liters) at 2000 lbs. psi

Casing Options:
1. A shock resistant Portable Polyethylene Case
2. A soft, padded carry bag.
3. Back-pack style emergency case.

Service & Maintenance:

• Semi-annual Inspections
• Oxygen Administration Training
• Regulatory Upgrades
• Cylinder Testing
• Onsite Oxygen Cylinder Replacements
• Emergency Refills (24 hour notice)
• Cylinder Compliance Labeling
• Regulator Liter Flow Inspection
• High Pressure Safety Release Inspection
• Total Pressure Reduction Inspection
• Leak Testing
• Hydrostatic Testing
• Ultrasonic Testing

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