Regulated Medical Waste Disposal

Northwind has an outstanding service to meet your Regulated Medical Waste Disposal needs. We offer a 24-hour emergency pick-up service and are accredited by the Ohio Health Department as an approved provider for the pick-up and disposal of regulated medical waste.

Your're our top priority, and to prove it, we back our
products and service with a 100% Satisfaction

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Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Serviceman

Northwind Is Here To...

  • Provide the best, most reliable service
    at the most reasonable price
  • Take the guesswork out of OSHA
    compliance with the Northwind Program
  • Provide compliance documentation for
    state reporting
  • Supply sharps containers, bags and boxes
    for safe, sanitary disposal


Sharps Container
No-Pokes Container
Biohaz Bags
Biohaz Box