OcuFresh Eyewash (6 Doses)

OcuFresh Eyewash (6 Doses): 3209

OcuFresh Eye Wash is preservative free. Daily use of this eye wash removes irritants that can cause swelling, redness, itchiness, and infection. OcuFresh Eye Wash also relieves soreness and irriation due to pollen, dirt, make-up, pet dander, debris, and germs from contact lens application. Order contains 6 single-use doses and a sterile eye cup. The safe choice for cleaning and relieving your eyes.

• The Only Preservative-Free Eye Wash
• For Every Day Use or Urgent Care
• Washes away irritants
• Removes chlorinated water
• Relieve burning, itching, stinging eyes
• Removes pollen and loose foreign material from eyes
• 6 Sterile, Single-Use Doses